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2005 WORLD TOP 30 HITS OF 200
No Title Artist MostReq. Cashbox
01 Hollaback Girl (Audition Version) Gwen Stefani A2005-001 C2005-012
02 Hollaback Girl (Clean Version) featuring Elan Atias Gwen Stefani A2005-001 C2005-012
03 Hollaback Girl (Dirty Version) Gwen Stefani A2005-001 C2005-012
04 My Humps The Black Eyed Peas A2005-002 C2005-025
05 One, Two Step Featuring Missy Elliott Ciara A2005-003 C2005-017
06 Holiday Green Day A2005-004 C2005-038
07 Pon De Replay Rihanna A2005-005 C2005-008
08 Collide Howie Day A2005-006 C2005-048
09 Don't Cha Featuring Busta Rhymes The Pussycat Dolls A2005-007 C2005-006
10 Lose Control Featuring Ciara & Fat Man Scoop Missy Elliott A2005-008 C2005-027
11 These Words Natasha Bedingfield A2005-009 C2005-035
12 Numa Numa (Dragostea Din Tea) O Zone A2005-010 C2005-?
13 Stickwitu The Pussycat Dolls A2005-011 C2005-?
14 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Green Day A2005-012 C2005-007
15 Daughters John Mayer A2005-013 C2005-?
16 Run It! Featuring Juelz Santana Chris Brown A2005-014 C2005-010
17 Rich Girl Featuring Eve Gwen Stefani A2005-015 C2005-026
18 Gold Digger Featuring Jamie Foxx (Clean Version) Kayne West A2005-016 C2005-020
19 Gold Digger Featuring Jamie Foxx (Dirty Version) Kayne West A2005-016 C2005-020
20 We Be Burnin' Sean Paul A2005-017 C2005-055
21 Listen To Your Heart D.H.T. A2005-018 C2005-024
22 Don't Mess With My Heart The Black Eyed Peas A2005-019 C2005-014
23 Seasons Of Love Cast Of Rent A2005-020 C2005-?
24 Bonanza (Belly Dancer) Akon A2005-021 C2005-037
25 Since U Been Gone Kelly Clarkson A2005-022 C2005-002
26 Sugar, We're Going Down Fall Out Boy A2005-023 C2005-043
27 Axel F (Ding Ding Song) Crazy Frog A2005-024 C2005-?
28 Photograph Nickelback A2005-025 C2005-018
29 Wake Me Up When September Ends Green Day A2005-026 C2005-039
30 More Than Words Frankie J A2005-027 C2005-091
31 Ordinary People John Legend A2005-028 C2005-?
32 Untitled (How Can This Happen To Me?) Simple Plan A2005-029 C2005-056
33 Wake Up Hilary Duff A2005-030 C2005-039

A= Most Requested, B= Billboard, C=Cashbox, ?=Unlisted

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