Plants of the Malaysian Region

Ferns, Pteridophyte Plants,

Family: AZOLLACEAE, Fairy Moss.
Taxonomy: Phylum: Lycopodiophyta, Cronquist, Takht. & W.Zimm., [P.D. Cantino & M.J. Donoghue], Class: Pteridopsida, Syn: = Polypodiopsida, Order: Salviniales, Britt., Syn: = Hydropteridales, = Marsileales J.H. Schaffn, Family: Azollaceae, Wettst.

Genus: Azolla, Lam, Fairy Moss,

Fairy Moss, Paku Apong Dewi, Species: Azolla pinnata, R Br, 1810, Syn: = Azolla filiculoides,
Ref: A Student's Guide to the Ferns of Singapore Island, Anne Johnson, (1959, Malaysan Nature Journal Vil 13 - page 201, http://fairfun.net/tmy2/flora_my/flora_my-f/f0saazfi01a.htm,
File: f0saazfi01a-040928m.jpg Original Size: 320 x 240
Loc.: Author's Garden, Section 17, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Date: 28 September 2004.
Photo: Ooi Chooi Seng
Taxonomy: Family: Azollaceae Wettst., Genera: Azolla Lam, Species: Azolla pinnata, R Br, 1810, Syn: = Azolla filiculoides,Lamm.