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Family: WELWITSCHIACEAE, Welwitsch.
Taxonomy: Class: Gnetopsida, Syn: = Chlamydospermae, Order: Welwitschiales, Family: Welwitschiaceae, Markgraf.

Genus: Welwitschia, Linn. (1753), Welwitsch

Welwitsch,Tumbo Species: Welwitschia mirabilis, Hooker 1863,
Ref: Nature, Earth, Plants, Animals Macdonald Illustrated Library, (1960), Macdonald, London. - page - 306
http://florawww.eeb.uconn.edu/199700061.html, http://www.conifers.org/we/index.htm
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Taxonomy: Family: Welwitschiaceae, Genus: Welwitschia, Species: Welwitschia mirabilis, Hook.f. 1863, Syn: = Welwitschia bainesii