by: YM Lai  


Step 1. to make the snake's head, use a square paper

Step 2. the back of my paper is white.

Step 3. the front of my paper is brown (you may use any colour)

Step 4. fold the top point to the middle of the paper and score it

Step 5. open up and fold it half-way like this

Step 6. do the same with the other half

Step 7. when both sides are folded it will look like this

Step 8. turn it around and fold the top down like this

Step 9. the back will look like this.

Step 10. open up the tent to fold the eye

Step 11. tent fold like this.

Step 12. this is what it should look like.

Step 13. open up the other side

Step 14. repeat the same fold with this sides,

Step 15. it should now look like this.

Step 16. turn the folding around

Step 17. now the head of the snake is ready.

Step 18. take another colour paper to fold the parts of the body.

Step 19. fold into half forming a triangle

Step 20. fold back the right side tip to the middle of the base,

Step 21. you have finished a section of the body.

Step 22. now make another section folding it in reverse.

Step 23. you now have one left folded and one right folded.

Step 24. and they should look like this.

Step 25. for a long snake make two of each foldings.

Step 26. now repeat with a secound colour.

Step 27. repeat and fold the third colour.

Step 28.and then fold the last colour.

Step 29. for a short snake you need 12 body sections.

Step 30. now join the sections to form the snake.

Step 31. you can choose the left folded or right folded.

Step 32. the left or right foldings determine shape of the snake

Step 33. folds of the same direction will make a curve.

Step 34. changing fold direction curves the snake the other way.

Step 35. here we have a S shaped snake.

Step 36. keep adding the sections to make the snake longer.

Step 37. when happy with the length and shape

Step 38. you then fix in the snake's head.

Step 39. this is how it will look like.

Step 40. a completed 12 section snake.

The year 2012 is the Chinese Luna Year of the snake. With the help of this short step by step photographic guide, you can make many snakes of different size and colours to decourate your home for the year of the snake.