by: YM Lai  


Step 1. take a square piece of paper

Step 2. fold it into half, or rectangular valley fold

Step 3. score the paper so that it leaves a folding mark

Step 4. open the paper and fold it diagonally

Step 5. fold one side backwards

Step 6. the back should look like this

Step 7. now fold the other side

Step 8. you now have a folded triangle

Step 9. open to check.

Step 10. make a "prayer fold" like this

Step 11. fold the left tip to the top of the triangle

Step 12. repeat with the right side

Step 13. fold the tip of the small triangle to the base

Step 14. repeat with the right side

Step 15. fold the tip near to you down inline with the last fold

Step 16. repwat with the right side

Step 17. insert the tip of the fold into the pocket

Step 18. repeat with the right side

Step 19. turn the paper around

Step 20. fold the left tip of triangle in line with the center

Step 21. repeat the right side

Step 22. this is what it looks like

Step 23. fold the rabbit ear down perpendicular to the center

Step 24. repeat with the right side

Step 25. fold base of big triangle to the center

Step 26. repeat with the right side

Step 27. fold down the right side in line with centre

Step 28. repeat with the right side

Step 29. lift up the rabbit head a little

Step 30. examine the rabbit mouth

Step 31. blow air into the rabbit mouth, inflate the body

Step 32. the finished rabbit

The year 2011 is the year of the Chinese Luna Year of the rabbit. With the help of this short and the step by step photographic guide, you can make many rabbits of different size and colours to decourate your home for the coming year.