by: YM Lai  


Step 01. to make the horse, use a square paper

Step 02. fold it into half, or valley fold.

Step 03. fold in one corner like this

Step 04. repeat and fold the other side the same way.

Step 05. open up the fold like this

Step 06. refold the paper to get a square like this.

Step 07. turn over the other side

Step 08. repeat the fold to leave a mark on the paper.

Step 09. when you open the paper you will have nice guide lines on it

Step 10. refold on the marks on the paper nd back fold like this.

Step 11. fold in half till you hava a diamond shape as shown.

Step 12. this is repeated for both sides.

Step 13. fold down the top of the diamond shape as shown.

Step 14. reopen the folded paper.

Step 15. with a scissors snip a cut as shown to make the horses legs.

Step 16. this is how it will look like.

Step 17. now fold like this.

Step 18. fold the horse's body.

Step 19. it should now look like this.

Step 20. back fold the horse's leg.

Step 21. repeat for all 4 legs.

Step 22. back fold the horse's head like this.

Step 23. finally fold the tail.

Step 24. the horse is ready.

The year 2014 is the Chinese Luna Year of the horse. With the help of this short step by step photographic guide, you can make many dragons of different size and colours to decourate your home for the year of the dragon.