by: YM Lai  


Step 01. To fold a paper goat, start with a square paper.

Step 02. Crease the middle fold line.

Step 03. Valley fold the top and bottom edges to meet the middle fold line.

Step 04. Mountain fold the right hand corners to meet the middle fold line.

Step 05. Fold the left hand corners as you did for the right hand corner.

Step 06. Now unfold the left hand corners.

Step 07. Open out the left hand layers along the fold lines.

Step 08. Flatten them down neatly into two triangles.

Step 09. Next fold the paper in half from right to left.

Step 10. It will now look like this.

Step 11. Pull the triangles over towards the right, to make a valley fold.

Step 12. It now looks like this.

Step 13. Fold the paper in half from top to bottom.

Step 14. Pull the right hand point upwards as far as the papesr will allow you.

Step 15. Fold the right hand point on either side down into the model.

Step 16. Fold the triangular flap over, as though turning the page of a book. Repeat behind.

Step 17. And it will look like this.

Step 18. Fold the top layer flap point on to a line between the top and bottom points, to form a horn. Repeat for the back.

Step 19. Blunt the protruding point on the right hand side with an inside reverse fold, to make the goats snout.

Step 20. Shape the horns by curling them with a pencil.

Step 21. Now fold the left hand side to meet the bottom point.

Step 22. Fold the reversed point up inside the model, so closing up the goat s back.

Step 23. Pull the snout up a little along the fold lines.

Step 24. Make the paper fold more 3D, use a pencil to push down inside the left hand side and use the finger to push up the bottom.

Step 25. P1050340 It now looks like this.

Step 26. P1050342 The finished paper fold goat.

The year 2015 is the Chinese Luna Year of the goat. With the help of this short step by step photographic guide, you can make many goats of different size and colours to decourate your home for the year of the goat.