by: YM Lai  


Step 1. to make the dragon's head, use a square paper

Step 2. fold it into half, or mountain fold.

Step 3. score the paper so that it leaves a folding mark

Step 4. open and fold the top point to the middle of the paper

Step 5. fold the bottom point to the middle of the paper

Step 6. score the paper so that it leaves a folding mark

Step 7. now fold the other two side

Step 8. open up and fold a it into half, or rectangular valley fold

Step 9. fold the top right point to the bottom middle point.

Step 10. repeat with the other side

Step 11. open up to a tent fold like this.

Step 12. lift up one side.

Step 13. fold it to the middle

Step 14. repeat with the other remaining three sides,

Step 15. like this.

Step 16. turn the folding around

Step 17. fold the left front tip to the middle line.

Step 18. repeat with the right side and score it.

Step 19. open up the recent folds that was scored

Step 20. repeat with all the other three sides

Step 21. using the scored lines, lift the middle flap

Step 22. repeat with the other three sides

Step 23. it should now look like this

Step 24. now turn to the other side, and you get this

Step 25. inside reverse fold the right point up.

Step 26. now you have the right horn done

Step 27. repeat and fold the dragon's left horn

Step 28. mountain fold the top point backwards

Step 29. valley & mountain fold the top layer of the bottom tip.

Step 30. this double fold forms the nose of the dragon.

Step 31. mountain fold the lower layer of the bottom tip.

Step 32. fold the side corners in to form eyes & narrow face

Step 33. it should now look like this.

Step 34. the finished dragon's head

Step 35. for the dragon's body, use two long strips of paper.

Step 36. fold each strip, broad at one end & narrow the other.

Step 37. cross the strip at the wide part, and tape it down.

Step 38. fold over bottom to top.

Step 39. now fold over right to left.

Step 40. it should look like this.

Step 41. now fold over top to bottom.

Step 42. then fold over left to right.

Step 43. and folding bottom to top.

Step 44. continue folding alternately till end of the strip.

Step 45. tape the completed body to the dragon's head.

Step 46. the completed paper folding dragon.

The year 2012 is the Chinese Luna Year of the dragon. With the help of this short step by step photographic guide, you can make many dragons of different size and colours to decourate your home for the year of the dragon.