by: LH Yap  


On the fifteen day of the Chinese New Year is Chap Goh. Here traditional Chinese celebrates the Chinese valentine day and the end of the welcoming of spring festivities. This is one of the few times that young ladies and men are allowed to go out to meet new friends. There is also a story that girls will go to the lake or river side to throw oranges and men will throw apples. With this they will also make an aspiration to get a good husband or wife respectively. Handmade cards and messages are also passed around. One popular type of handmade card is the papercuts.

Here are some paper cutting ideas for your valentine. For the valantine day paper cuttings, they are usually made on quality bright coloured paper. Sometimes they are pasted over stiffer cards to get the dual colour or stencil effect. Try to do it yourself. You may design your own more modern papercut patterns. Please feel free to give your suggestions, comments, requests and feedbacks. They are most welcome and uesful for me to improve and make this page better for you to refer to, enjoy and use.



Scissors, NT Cutter, Pencil, Stapler, Paper Clips, Cutting Mat, Photostated Motif,
Coloured Paper.

STEP 01:

Choose a pattern. Place it onto your colour paper.

Click here to choose a pattern to print out.

STEP 02:

Clip your motif to the colour paper. Cut the colour paper to the size of your motif.

STEP 03:

Using a NT Cutter, start by cutting the away the inside smaller holes first.

STEP 04:

Cut out the unwanted parts of the paper, thus making small windows following the motif.

STEP 05:

For the outside, you may choose to use a pair of scissors.

STEP 06:

Or continue to use the NT Cutter.

STEP 07:

Your papercut is done.

STEP 08:

Carefully separate the two sheets of cut paper.

STEP 09:

Examine your handy work.

STEP 10:

You may gum your papercut onto another colour background.

Another sample.