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Modern Papercuts

Mother and child
File: mpc01modern01.jpg

Girl in skirt 01
File: mpc01modern02.jpg

Girl in skirt 02
File: mpc01modern03.jpg

Girl in skirt 03
File: mpc01modern04.jpg

Girl in skirt 04
File: mpc01modern05.jpg

File: mpc01modern06.jpg

Soul Girl
File: mpc01modern07.jpg

Nature Girl
File: mpc01modern08.jpg

In the palm of her hand
File: mpc01modern09.jpg

Little Red Riding Hood
File: mpc01modern10.jpg

Nature Girl 2
File: mpc01modern11.jpg

Girl in my heart
File: mpc01modern12.jpg

Faith Girl
File: mpc01modern13.jpg

Nature Girl 3
File: mpc01modern14.jpg

Deer Girls
File: mpc01modern15.jpg