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72 Stars of Earth #46 - 54

Giant in the clouds
宋万, Song Wan

File: pc72stars-Earth46.jpg

One who scales the heavens
杜迁, Du Qian

File: pc72stars-Earth47.jpg

Sick tiger
薛永, Xue Yong

File: pc72stars-Earth48.jpg

Golden-eyed tiger cub
施恩, Shi En

File: pc72stars-Earth49.jpg

Tiger-fighting general
李忠, Li Zhong

File: pc72stars-Earth50.jpg

Little King
周通, Zhou Tong

File: pc72stars-Earth51.jpg

Spotted leopard
汤隆, Tang Long

File: pc72stars-Earth52.jpg

Demon face
杜兴, Du Xing

File: pc72stars-Earth53.jpg

Forest-emerging dragon
邹渊, Zou Yuan

File: pc72stars-Earth54.jpg