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72 Stars of Earth #10 - 18

Scholar with the sacred hand
萧让, Xiao Rang

File: pc72stars-Earth10.jpg

Iron-faced judge
裴宣, Pei Xuan

File: pc72stars-Earth11.jpg

Golden wings brushing against the clouds
欧鹏, Ou Peng

File: pc72stars-Earth12.jpg

Fiery eyed Suan-Ni
邓飞, Deng Fei

File: pc72stars-Earth13.jpg

Multi-coloured tiger
燕顺, Yan Shun

File: pc72stars-Earth14.jpg

Multi-coloured leopard
杨林, Yang Lin

File: pc72stars-Earth15.jpg

Heaven-shaking thunder
凌振, Ling Zhen

File: pc72stars-Earth16.jpg

Magic mathematician
蒋敬, Jiang Jing

File: pc72stars-Earth17.jpg

Little duke of We
吕方, Lu Fang

File: pc72stars-Earth18.jpg