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36 Stars of Heaven #28 - 36

Boatman Diety
张横, Zhang Heng

File: pc36stars-Heaven28.jpg

Short-lived second brother Diety, 短命二郎
阮小五, Ruan Xiao Wu

File: pc36stars-Heaven29.jpg

White Streak in the waves Diety, 浪里白条,
张顺, Zhang Shun

File: pc36stars-Heaven30.jpg

Living King Yama Diety, 活阎罗,
阮小七, Ruan Xiao Qi

File: pc36stars-Heaven31.jpg

Wade-Giles or Sick Guan Suo Diety, 杨雄, 病关索
楊雄/, Yang Xiong

File: pc36stars-Heaven32.jpg

Daredevil Third Brother Diety, 拼命三郎
石秀, Shi Xiu

File: pc36stars-Heaven33.jpg

Double-headed snake Diety, 两头蛇,
解珍, Xie Zhen

File: pc36stars-Heaven34.jpg

Double-tailed scorpion Diety, 双尾蝎
解宝, Xie Bao

File: pc36stars-Heaven35.jpg

Wanderer' or 'the Prodigy Diety, 浪子
燕青, Yan Qing

File: pc36stars-Heaven36.jpg