LH Yap's

Papercuts Collection

The Art of Papercutting

Rabbits, 兔, tu in colour

Rabbit 01, tu,
File: cpc01-04rabbit.jpg

Rabbit 02, tu,
File: cpc02-04rabbit.jpg

Rabbit 03, tu,
File: cpc03--04rabbit.jpg

Rabbit 04, tu,
File: cpc04--04rabbit.jpg

Rabbit 05, tu,
File: cpc05--04rabbit.jpg

Rabbit 06
File: cpc01rabbit01.jpg

Rabbit 07
File: cpc01rabbit02.jpg

Rabbit 08
File: cpc01rabbit03.jpg

Rabbit 09
File: cpc01rabbit04.jpg

Rabbit 10
File: cpc01rabbit05.jpg

Rabbit 11
File: cpc01rabbit06.jpg

Rabbit 12
File: cpc01rabbit07.jpg

Rabbit 13
File: cpc01rabbit08.jpg

Rabbit 14
File: cpc01rabbit09.jpg

Rabbit 15
File: cpc01rabbit10.jpg

Rabbit 16
File: cpc01rabbit11.jpg

Rabbit 17
File: pc01rabbit12.jpg