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Chinese Animals Signs
Colour Set 02

Rat, shu,
File: cpc02-01rat.jpg

Ox, niu,
File: cpc02-02bull.jpg

Tiger, hu,
File: cpc02-03tiger.jpg

Rabbit, tu,
File: cpc02-04rabbit.jpg

Dragon, long,
File: cpc02-05dragon.jpg

Snake, she,
File: cpc02-06snake.jpg

Stallon, ma,
File: cpc02-07stallon.jpg

Ram, yang,
File: cpc02-08ram.jpg

Monkey, hou,
File: cpc02-09monkey.jpg

Rooster, ji,
File: cpc02-10rooster.jpg

Dog, gou,
File: cpc-011-11dog.jpg

Hog, zhu,
File: cpc02-12hog.jpg

All 12 Chinese Animals Signs
shi e sheng xiao jian zhi xi lie,
File: cpc02AllChineseAnimalsSigns.jpg