LH Yap's

Papercuts Collection

The Art of Papercutting

Horses, 馬, ma in monochrome

Horse 01
File: mpc01horse01.jpg

Horse 02
File: mpc01horse02.jpg

Horse 03
File: mpc01horse03.jpg

Horse 04
File: mpc01horse05.jpg

Horse 05
File: mpc01horse05.jpg

Horse 06
File: mpc01horse06.jpg

Horse 07
File: mpc01horse07.jpg

Horse 08

Horse 09
File: mpc01horse09.jpg

Horse 10
File: mpc01horse10.jpg

Horse 11
File: mpc01horse11.jpg

Horse 12, 馬, ma
File: mpc-01-07stallon.jpg

Red Horse 13, 馬, ma
File: mpc01horse13s.jpg, Note the finer details compared with "Horse 04"

2 Horses 14, 馬, ma
File: mpc01horse14.jpg

Herd of Horses 15, 馬, ma
File: mpc01horse15.jpg