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Papercuts Collection

The Art of Papercutting

Dragons, 龍, long in Monochrome

Dragon 01, 龍, long
File: mpc01-05dragon.jpg

Dragon 02, 龍, long
File: mpc01dragon01.jpg

Dragon 03, 龍, long
File: mpc01dragon02.jpg http://www.sinopaperart.com/images/6002.jpg

Dragon Dance 04, 龍, long mu
File: mpc01dragon03.jpg

Double Dragon 05, 龍, song long
File: mpc01dragon04.jpg

Red Dragon 06, 龍, hoong long
File: mpc01dragon05.jpg

White Dragon 07, 白龍, bai long
File: mpc01dragon06.jpg

White Dragon 08, 白龍, bai long
File: mpc01dragon07.jpg

White Dragon 09, 白龍, bai long
File: mpc01dragon08.jpg

White Dragon 10, 白龍, bai long
File: mpc01dragon09.jpg

White Dragon 11, 白龍, bai long
File: mpc01dragon10.jpg

Dragon's head 12, 龍, long
File: mpc01dragon11.jpg

Dragon 13, 龍, long
File: mpc01dragon12.jpg