My daughter Su Mei and her classmate handling snakes

Snakes Part #1 (Other Snakes)
Family : BOIDAE Pythons
Family : TYPHLOPIDAE Blind Snakes
Family : ANILIIDAE Pipe Snakes
Family : XENOPELTIDAE Earth Snakes
Family : ACROCHORDIDAE Water Snakes

Snakes Part #2 (Colubrine Snakes)
Family : COLUBRIDAE Colubrine Snakes
Subfamily : PAREINAE Slug Snakes
Subfamily : COLUBRINAE Whip Snakes
Subfamily : NATRICINAE Keelbacks Snakes
Subfamily : HOMALOPSINAE Colubrine Water Snakes

Snakes Part #3 (Venomous Snakes)
Family : ELAPIDAE Kraits, Cobra & Coral Snakes
Family : HYDROPHIIDAE Sea Snakes
Family : VIPERIDAE Vipers

Snakes, World 11 families, Malaysia 9 families, 192 species in the whole of Malaysia, 139 in West Malaysia.

The Hind Limbs of snakes are reduced to vestiges called spurs or claws which are on either side of the cloaca.

The formidable fangs of a pit viper are over 1 cm long.

The circular rows of bleeding punctues indicate a bite from a non-venomous snake.

The right eye is swollen one hour after being spat at by a Black Spitting Cobra.

The Snake Charmer, a
most remarkable snake
and man relationship.

The Snake Charmers, pet
an Indian Cobra, with
it's hood opened.

The tourniquet, specific antivenin, suction and injection syringes.


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